Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Here we go magic - Fangela

WASHED OUT - Feel it all around.

Free J RUMI (link)

DJ RUMI - Zurich, Switzerland.

Guido Rumi has been DJ'ing for donkeys years. He's one of the nicest blokes around and has been a prominent force on the local swiss scene.

From hosting the successful Soul Rebels night at
club Exil in zurich, being head honcho of the Future is now festival and being a part of the zukunft Zurich massive. Also, playing a huge part in the kollektiv with myself that put on the Together parties in Lucerne.

Here is a mix from him. Smells like soul & disco.

BALEARIC VOL 1. (link)

Here we go. A new post at last. This is a little mix to take you to the far away little beaches in your mind. Forget winter, summer soon come.


1. Feel it all around - Washed Out
2. Going out - Coyote
3. When I grow up - Fever Ray (Lissvik version)
4. McLovin - 6th Borough Project
5. Never going back again - Fleetwood Mac (Tom Crooze edit)
6. Esc - Kaoru Inoue
7. Maya - Cantoma
8. Macrobiotic - Mylo
9. Too hard - Coyote (Aeroplane mix)
10. Little fluffy clouds - The Orb (Cumulonimbus mix)
11. Free flight - Acos Coolkas
12. Kingdom of rust - Doves (Prins Thomas diskomiks inst.)
13. This sweet love - James Yuill (Prins Thomas sneaky edit)
14. Kahluha Madness - Ytre Rymdem Dansskola

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Uncle Swindon's Jukebox Fury! (link)

Here it is.

Armed with a fistful of 78's.

Jukebox Fury.

A taster of what's to come at the Big Chill bar Bristol every wednedsay.

Quiz / Rock 'n' Roll Bingo / Jukebox Fury.

Coming soon, 2nd week of October.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Spacetalkin sept 09 mix / Uncle Swindon (link)

I'm Back... Sorry for the inactivity, Summer + Festivals + work = no posts unfortunately.

Good thing is though I've got lots of good tings to post over the coming weeks. I'll be sifting thru a mound of top mixes and stuff and sticking it all up asap.

First up is a little mix by the legendary Dirty Uncle Swindon. I was gonna put the TRCKLSTNG up but then I thought fuck it, just let the music play...and enjoy! TRCKLSTNG to follow peas!




Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Burial & Four Tet - The Moth

Burial's Untrue album was one of the finest of 2007. Here he teams up with ex-school colleague Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet with devastating effect.


Monday, 15 June 2009


Welcome to this month's mix, festival season is upon us and the sun will shine.

Anyone at Glastonbury this year please come and say hello to us. Space Talkin will be playing on the Friday night in the Igloo which will be located in Shangri-La. It's what Lost Vagueness has turned into and the place will be decked out like a city scape from Bladerunner where freaks & ravescum get their wonk on.

On the Saturday night will be the turn of the Futureboogie boys so if you're in the area check it out...much fun will be had.

Coming up on the 12th of July, we have a little sunday fun when we host a grill terrace party at the White Bear in Bristol. Julian of Stereo 8 & Blowpop fame has taken the place over and we're taking over his terrace come garden for some hot fun. Come and get involved.



Intro - Shed (Space Talkin edit)
Phreaky MF - Mike Dunn presents Mr 69
Gamma Ray - Alpha Child (Franc Spangler mix)
Neeve - Woolfy vs Projections (Permanent Vacation tropical mix)
The Soul (part II) - Craig Smith / The Revenge
Meteor One - Tele Music (Bonar Bradberry mix)
Yes Maam (all night long) - Visti / Meyland (Henrik Schwarz mix)
Man of War - Sunburst Band (Idjut Boys mix)
Thriller - Michael Jackson (OOFT phazed mix)
Who Is He - Bill Withers (Henrik Schwarz edit)
In The End (I want you to cry) - Tensnake

Monday, 8 June 2009


This mix comes from Brooklyn duo In Flagranti.

In Falgranti are Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor. Famed for their cosmic italo disco sound, the pair have releases on Eskimo & Kitsune amongst others.

This mix is crammed full of In Flagranti edits from the Glitter band to Killing Joke.



Medieval Pundits Atomizer (In Flagranti Mix)
In Flagranti - Svelte Blonde
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Yuksek (In Flagranti Mix)
Temptations / Glass House (In Flagranti Edit)
BEF / Money (In Flagranti Edit)
Fancy Beat - Funk In (Telespazio Remix)
Supercycle - No Kitty Bad Kitty
Sweet Louise (In Flagranti Edit)
YACHT - Summer Song
Smoke and Mirrors Nearly There Break
Roy Ayers (In Flagranti Edit)
Timo Maas Break
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Killing Joke (In Flagranti Edit)
Breeders - Cannonball (In Flagranti Edit)
Fad Gadget - Pedestrian (In Flagranti Edit)
Romeo Void (In Flagranti Edit)


A mix from the mighty Chateau Flight.

Parisians I:Cube and Gilbert Cohen make up this formidable duo. Together they run the excellent Versatile label. That should be enough of an introduction I reckon.

Turn up loud and listen.


1. El Bee Bad - Searchin
2. International Pony - Bubble in the Bottle (Pepe Bradock remix)
3. Move D - Heidelberg Gals
4. Ch√Ęteau Flight - La Roquette
5. Martinez - Organic Theme
6. Pezzner - Almost Here
7. Melon - Je Davu
8. Pepe Bradock - Mandragore


Grand Prize is Matt Fryer a.k.a Awkward from Bristol.

This is a sneaky peek of what's in store when He drops his album sometime soon.

This is the vid for a track called Adam's apple and it's excellent. Oh Yes It Is!

This track is from his forthcoming long player and includes the majestic vocals of Naboobia and Shaunice.

Visit his blog to keep up to date and to sneak a bit more....

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


This Month's offering is again on a house tip. It's Summer.. nearly, you can almost reach out and touch it.

There's lots of new bits on this mix and a couple of old gems.

I enjoy it.


1. Rainy Dayz - Oleg Poliakov
2. Mind Games - Spin Science
3. Hold - Mihai Popoviciu
4. Atmosphere - Kerri Chandler (Jerome Sydenham's runaway dub)
5. The time is now - Sygaire (Shur-i-Kan perspective mix)
6. Tomtom avenue - David K (Jimpster mix)
7. The sound is yours - Kerri Chandler
8. Zwivetty - Mike Monday
9. Mercyless - Fred Everything feat. Wayne Tennant (At Jazz vocal mix)
10. Tundra - Office Gossip (Scope mix)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus. It's a secret.

This vid is not new but it is proper, proper good and it needs to be on this blog, end of.

SEIJI MIX (link)

Here is a tasty little treat from Bugz's Seiji.

Check out for some seriously dope tunes and they're FREE!!!

Seiji has been one of my favourite producers in the last 10 years. He makes top 3, no doubt coz his sound is top notch, no question.

This mix has come courtesy of his website. Go visit it, download and enjoy the tunes 'Dance with me' & the floor smasher that is Ravin A.


Friday, 1 May 2009

John Tejada mix (link)

Here is a mix from Poker Flat's John Tejada.

John Tejada was born in Vienna in Austria. John has consistantly put out quality releases for the best part of 10 years.

His unique brand of Techno come tech house has been smashing floors all over the globe.

His Cleaning sound is a filthy business & where albums on Palette are both sublime. If you've not heard either, go and raid the coffers and go and buy them. They are good. Oh yes they are.

Here is a tasty little mix.


01. Norman Nodge - Maniac
02. Sebo K - Diva
03. Equalized 002 Side B
04. DHS - House of God (20 Years DHS Remix)
05. Reboot - Vandon
06. Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald - Movement 8 (C2 Version)
07. Sebbo - Watamu Beach (Moritz Von Oswald Rework)
08. Raudive - Christmas Tree
09. Roska - Feeline
10. Minologue - Doiicie
11. Orbital - Halcyon

Roland Appel Mix (Link)

A mix here from Sonar Kollektiv's Rolan Appel.

A lovely deep affair with tracks from Moodymann to Noze.

No TRCKLSTNG for this one so you'll just have to let it flow pass your earlugs and not worry about the small details.

In, Under & Above as always.


The Black Dog.

Further Vexations.

The Black Dog sound like no other. Many have come and gone and poor imitations fall by the wayside. Like Kraftwerk they have a unique approach and sound to electronic music. When you hear it you know what it is. There are only a few that have that quality and those are the ones who are still around today. Here is the latest incarnation by the might Black Dog. What would we do without them.

The Black Dog - Further Vexations from The Black Dog on Vimeo.


Here we have a tasty bit of Old Skool Boogie action from the Laminate Radio posse, A.K.A Mr Blue Fontaine & Mr Gus Pirelli.

This is a little taster of the Laminate Radio flavor. Enjoy it. The sun's on it's way out.


Laminate Radio Intro
Young & Co. - I Like What You're Doing to Me (Instr)
Lynx - You're Lying
J.W. McGee - Uptown Downtown
Tomorrow's Edtion - In the Grooves
Sharon Redd - Never Give You Up
Unique - What I Got Is What You Need
Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake The Feeling
Lisa Hill - I Am On the Real Side
Rick James - Big Time
Candela - Love You Madly
Karen Silver - Nobody Else
Evelyn King - I'm In Love
Howard Johnson - So Fine
Gwen Guthrie - Should Have Been You
D Train - You're The One For Me
Aretha Franklin - Jump To It
ABC - Poison Arrow (US MIX)
Deborah Harry - Backfired

Monday, 20 April 2009

Mister Craig Funklazy Mix 04/09 (link)

Sorry for the quiet month at Space Talkin, Moving house has taken precedence.

Here is a mix from Blowpop stalwart and chief puppeteer Mister Craig. His first of what we hope to be many at Space Talkin.

Weighing in at a tasty 60 minutes, It's like a bottom feeder, it's very deep.

...Enjoy it.


1. Bloom doudouk (original) - Lanoiraude
2. Ruby nights (Gilbr solo flight remix) - Rick Wilhite
3. Watchmen - Shur-i-Kan
4. Judgement Day - 93 Langenberg
5. Laura Winslow - Neighbourhood Romeo
6. Pazuzu - I:Cube
7. Louder EP (The night) - Lovebirds
8. Simply yes feat. Alexander East (Magic Johnson mix) - Shur-i-Kan
9. Deep Rider - Cavalier
10. I don't need competion - Gonno
11. Breathe - Sarrass

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Horrors.

The Horrors.

Sea within a sea.

Monday, 23 March 2009

HARMONIC 313 mix (link)

Welcome to Harmonic 313. 

I've already posted about Mark Pritchard's new project. Carrying on with the March mix mayhem here at Space Talkin, here is a mix from the Harmonic 313 himself. Weighing in at a tasty 30 minutes, this mix is super heavy.

Anyone who does not like Harmonic 313 is stupid.

Harmonic 313 is stupid good.

Harmonic 313 album "When machines exceed human intelligence" is out now on Warp Records.


Harmonic 313 - Harmonic 313 lab ident / Warp
Jeroen tel & Christian Huus - Battle Valley (Harmonic 313 edit) / 1989 Vibrants
Slugabed - Motherfuckeeeeer / Stuff Records
Harmonic 313 - Cyclotron / Warp records
Flying Lotus - Ab
Hudson Mohawke - Polkadot Blues / Warp
Dorian Concept - Fort Teen / Kindred Spirits
Harmonic 313 - No Way Out (remix) / Warp
Dizz 1 - Konotakosuke
Floating point - Shangrila
Harmonic 313 - Music Substitute System / Warp
Danny Breaks - Zappity Zip Zip / Alphabet Zoo
Jaydee - Dilla Beat
Harmonic 313 - Dutty / Warp
Harmonic 313 - Battlestar feat Phat Kat and Elzhi (Remix clean) / Warp

Harmonic 313 album "When machines exceed human intelligence" is out now on Warp Records.

Alex from Tokyo Mix (link)

Alex from Tokyo.

Based between NYC & Tokyo, Alex from Tokyo is one of the finest & freshest talents around without a doubt.

His project Tokyo Black Star release their long awaited Album Black Ships on the fantastic Innervisions imprint next week. 

Release date for Black Ships is 30/03/09.

This record looking to cement an already mighty reputation, the Tokyo Black Star 12's that came out on the Innervisions label so far have all been bloody corkers.

Here's a mix from Alex from Tokyo. It's frikkin proper.

John Martyn.

Anyone that saw the John Martyn programme on BBC4 recently would have witnessed what a truly remarkable artist john was.

Sadly John passed away on January 29th this year.

Known for musical marriage of folk and jazz, Martyn was one of the most distinctive and prolific artists of his generation. His most successful album was 1973's Solid Air.

For much of his career, Martyn enjoyed a lifestyle of typical rock'n'roll excess and later struggled with alcoholism. He once told Q Magazine: "If I could control myself more, I think the music would be much less interesting. I'd probably be a great deal richer but I'd have had far less fun and I'd be making really dull music." In 2003 his right leg was partially amputated after a large cyst under his knee burst, leading him to spend his latter years in a wheelchair.

He was an exceptional talent and will be sadly missed.

Thursday, 19 March 2009



March 2009 podcast.





1. 00:00 Mike Monday - Zwivetty / Simple Records
2. 04:50 Sygaire - Time Is Now (Shur-i-kan Perspective) / Room With A View
3. 09:50 Pezzner - Chapter Two / Om Records
4. 14:12 Till Von Sein - Sunday Madness / Catz N Dogz
5. 18:30 La Pena - Going Down / La Pena
6. 21:50 The Timewriter - Chords In Minor / Dedication
7. 25:24 Vincenzo - The Hangover (Office Gossip Mix) / Teardrop
8. 29:00 Funk D'Void - Again & Again
9. 32:22 Ali Nasser - Omul Care Nu Se Duce (Afrilounge Remix) / Supernature
10. 34:30 Output - Vibrations (Peace Division Remix) / Dogmatic
11. 37:30 Cherry - Alex (Nick Curly Remix) / Four:Twenty
12. 39:50 Lee Jones - Lab / Aus Music
13. 42:30 Mr. V - Breakers Theme / Sole Channel
14. 46:00 Abacus - The Answer (Main Pass) / Room With A View
15. 49:30 Rik Elmont - Somewhat Like Love / Mancha Recordings
16. 53:00 Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (DJ Koze Remix) / Buzzin Fly
17. 57:00 Willy Baxter - Slope (Spirit Catcher Mix)

Larry Heard Mix (link)

Larry Heard, AKA Mr Fingers, Legend.

Larry was born in 1960 in Chicago. Responsible for shaping the Chicago house sound Larry was one of the original creators.

As well as his most impressive displays as a one of the best house DJ's on the planet Larry is also an impressive musician. He played for Manhattan Transfer & Infinity. His fine production work takes in the great Mr Fingers moniker as well as Fingers Inc, Loosefingers and House Factors. Famed for his great collaborations with Robert Owens, Larry has written some of the biggest house anthems to date. Most notible are, Can you feel it?, Bring down the walls, Washing Machine, What about this love & Donnie to name but a few.

Here is a mix. It's a beauty, it's Larry. He's a LEGEND. 

Monday, 9 March 2009

SPACE TALKIN 03/09 Deep House Mix (link)

Space Talkin March 2009 Mixtape.

Mixed & Compiled: Suisse.


1. Think Twice - Detroit Experiment (Mark E dub mix)
2. Theo feat. DJ Late - Move D
3. Bubble in the bottle - International Pony (Pepe Braddock mix)
4. R.I.P. - Linkwood
5. The brighter side (percussive rub) - Version
6. If Alone - Sideshow feat. Paul St. Hilaire (Chateau Flight remix)
7. Deliver me - MotorCitySoul Feat. Ernesto
8. Superclique - DJ Q
9. Crucified - Aaron Carl (Maas chi lite mix)
10. 7 ways to love - JCS feat. Marie Louise (Jeremy Sylvester deep moods inst.)
11. Believe in something - Greymatter feat. Heidi Vogel


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cablemix - Matt Waites - Nightmoves (link)

Here's a mix from Nightmoves Matt Waites.

Nightmoves, known for their remixing prowess and great DJ sets. The most noticable remixes being the reworking of The Klaxons gravity rainbow single and the great remix of Shit Disco's I know kung fu.

The list goes on, remixes for Roisin Murphy, Robbie Williams, Freeform five vs Milo, Friendly fires and Late of the pier.

Matt Waites (Nightmoves) Cablemix.


1. Arcadion - Arc
2. Wild Geese - Who Cares Wins
3. Slimline - If You Can Dance You Can Do It (Inflagranti Edit)
4. James Pants - Dragonslayer
5. Dfd - Dis Our Night
6. Skyy - First Time Around (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
7. Walter Jones - A.I.P. (Filiberto Marmelade Flat Tire Mix)
8. Jackpot - Ragazza
9. Burglar Tom - Is Your Mind Clear
10. Fudge Fingas - Ghost House
11. Paperclip People - Jerry Lewis On Acid (Mayday Mix)
12. Kaos - Flaco Rhythmo
13. Morgan Geist - Detroit
14. Soundstream - Live Goes On
15. Chateau Flight - La Roquette
16. Runaway - Use Me
17. Maserati - The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Mix)
18. Plastique De Reve - Lost In The City
19. Naum Gabo - Evo (Joakim Remix)
20. Dmx Krew - Acid Cow
21. Members Only - Do You Like It?
22. Jack Frost And The Circle Jerks - Shout (L.S.B. Edit)
23. Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Scwarz Live Edit)
24. Bogdan Irkuk - Jewel Of The Black Sea

Thursday, 5 March 2009

GLENN UNDERGROUND Disco Boogie mix (link)


Glenn Underground.

Chicago, USA.

What can you say about Glenn Underground, one of the finest house producers and DJ to have graced the genre. One of the legends, Glenn Crocker was born in 1971 in Chicago.

Glenn was born into a musical family, his cousin, Stepfather and uncle all respected musicians. Following on in this family tradition GU became involved in the Chicago house scene in 1984, Helping to support and push the chicago scene forward from this day to the present. 

GU started to produce his own brand of house music in 1986 and to this day has been producing some of the finest house music out there that has been loved by fellow producers, DJ's and Clubbers all over the globe. GU has DJ'd pretty much everywhere on the planet and is still supporting and helping to push the scene forward in his home town of Chicago.

This mix is a collection of disco, boogie & soul. Put together beautifully by GU.



Sunday, 22 February 2009

Call to arms

Call to arms by Harmonic 313.

Harmonic 313 is another brainchild of one Mark Pritchard. Mark has been producing quality music for a good 17 years. Recognised for his collaborations with Tom Middleton on projects Reload, Global Communication, Chameleon & The Jedi Knights to name but a few.

Mark continued the rich vein of form with his Troubleman project. An album 'Time out of mind' and a series of 12's were released on the Far Out imprint. Lullaby & Where we stand were released together on a 12 in 2001 and I have to say, this record is now a prized possession, if a bit worn out out now... as is Strike hard.  Strike hard still stays in the record box. It's lived in the box for sometime. The sleeve is well and truly fucked, the corners gone proper dog eared, but those beats can still get the limpest and lamest dance floors busy. The get out of jail free card. Thank you Troubleman. 

Mark once told me it took him days to write the drums on Strike hard. When you listen to it you can take it for granted how effortless those drums sound. I remember seeing Mark DJ at a night around that time and everyone was waiting for him to drop Strike hard.... he played a Hip-Hop set and when the Promoter asked if he was going to play Strike hard coz all the people there were waiting for it he had to explain he didn't have a copy. One of the resident warm up DJ's had to lend him his copy. I think he reluctantly played it, preferring to play his Hip-Hop records.

This is his latest project, Harmonic 313 and It's fucking great.... as is always.

Harmonic 313's "When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence" is out now on Warp Records.

harmonic313, call to arms from the29nov on Vimeo.

The Chandeliers

The Chandeliers - Mr Electric.

Watch those colours go.

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Anyone lucky enough to sample the delights of the Lu Town Massive know that the people of this place know how to party. It's what makes this place tick. 

Next friday sees our 3rd Together party at Luzern's Bar 59. We owe a big shout out to all the people that made the first two parties so successful. So far it has been roadblock and next week's affair promises to be the best yet. Luzern is famous for it's winter Carnival called the fasnacht. It's going to be a busy week of partying for this historic lakeside town and we will do our best to bring the curtain down on a week of mayhem.

Every year, towards the end of winter, Carnival breaks out in the streets, alleyways and squares of the old town. This is a glittering outdoor party, where chaos and merriness reign and nothing is as it normally is as thousands of bizarrely clad people sing and dance away the winter.

This month's Together party music is provided by Rumi, Moveman, Burning Man & moi. Mic check by The Zimbabwe Bird and the most excellent Wood Vibes on percussion.

Yes, yes.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Here we go magic.

Here we go magic are from Brooklyn, New York.

The track is called tunnelvision.

Kaleidoscopic film work is by Peking & Snejina Latev.


Cosmic Dust @ Her Manos, Triangle, Bristol.

Every 2nd, 3rd and 4th saturday of the month. 

Deep and Cosmic shizz nizzle. 

D. Lissvik

D. Lissvik is one half of Swedish cosmic prog duo Studio. Studio's album West Coast is worth a check as is the album this track by D. Lissvik is taken from 7 trx + intermission. This track is called B1. 

Not unlike The Durutti Column crashing into a cosmic tundra. 

Track 5 From 7 Trx + Intermission from INF VIDEO on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


GrandPrize is Bristol's Awkward. This track Serious Sentences features Snagneto, Co-Mo and Bristol's Stepchild (Malakai) on raps. 

If you're in bristol this thursday (5th) then head down to the Cube microplex cinema where Awkward will be appearing at 'One Foot Forward' with The Great Escape. Expect a night of Art, Film, Music & more... they usually end the night with a film accompanied by a live score, this time written & performed by The Instigator. DJ Cosmic Klaw will be keeping punters entertained in the bar.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Glastonbury Tale...

This is a picture of Steve. Steve went to Glastonbury in the summer of 1998, twas a muddy year that year. Steve had gone for a bit of extra comfort that year and stayed in a camper van with his girlfriend and some of his close friends. 

The festival was quite a messy and muddy one that year and with the festival site being a little testing to travel around, Steve and his friends stayed around the camper van. Glastonbury can often be an experience of excess for many party goers and for Steve and his friends this year was no exception, to the contrary actually, for this would be a festival of a certain excess and a festival our Steve would never forget.

After a messy couple of days of partying where little sleep had been acquired, Steve decided to leave the camper van to go to the toilet. It's easy to lose track of time at a festival, especially Glastonbury. After a while, Steve's girlfriend became concerned. 7 hours had passed and Steve had yet to return.  "Where can he be?" she asked. "He's been gone for 7 hours" she said, and decided to go and look for him. 

After searching the portaloo's, there was still no sign of Steve. His girlfriend went back to the camper van to alert his friends of his disappearance. Worry began to set in amongst the group. One of his friends suggested that they give him another hour before they all go in search for the missing Steve.

The hour passed and there was still no sign of Steve. His friends set out to look for him, one of his friends arrived at the portaloo's and shouted out "Steve, Steve!" and again "Steve, Steve!" He then heard a reply "I'm in here, it's me Steve, I'm here." His friend replied "Steve, please come out, please Steve, you've been in there for 8 hours, what's wrong with you? please come out, everyone is worried sick about you!" to that reply Steve opened the door of the portaloo....nothing could prepare his friend for what he was about to see.

Steve had been in the toilet for 8 hours trying to go. In his excessive state, he had lost all concept of time. Steve had been straining "to go" for so long he had blown a hole in his oseophogus. As a result of this, Steve's head had quite literally filled with air and doubled in its size. When he finally immerged from the toilet his friend could not quite believe his eyes. As a result, Steve was rushed to Bath Hospital where he then spent the next 7 days recovering. 

Below is a picture of our Steve shortly after he left the toilet. Also here is a picture of Steve recovering and being visited by his friends.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Todd Terje

Todd Terje : Glittertind. 


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Animal Collective

Animal Collective: My Girls. Cool video from Domino's Animal Collective, a bit like kraftwerk crashing into the beach boys.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Learn Disco

This is ridiculous, love the outfit of the old boy, sports flannels...very disco!? Iks, Kuks! Loving the "I think i've shit myself" walk dance he does at the end too. Some good shapes you got going on there indeed...Learn these moves, they could get you in trouble. 

Friday, 23 January 2009


This mix is a live gem from MMM's set at his club night "Nubient" Big Chill Bar, London.

Morris always introduces something new to my ears everytime I hear him. From his blissful Irresistible Force project and his legendary sets at the end of the Big Chill festival, Morris never
disappoints and always introduces you to something new. FACT. 

Let MMM take you in, under and above. Check Nubient if you're in the area.

For more info on what Morris is up too: 

For more mixes from Morris check out:

Mixmaster Morris at the Big Chill Bar, for the first Nubient of 2009 with a big pile of new releases... 

Approximate tracklist : Helios - Caesura . KLF vs Yogurt . Kuniyuki - Saikoss . Animat - Earplay . DJ Dulo - Higher Than Ever . Mr Beatnik ft Ahu - I know all the Bitches - Atjazz remix. Takuya Matsumoto - Mood Control Feel v2 . X-Bass - Whisper . Jugoe - Kingpin . Recloose - Catch a Leaf . Silhouette Brown - Mondays Coming . Kaidi Tatham - I'm High . Chris Barker - Breakin Bread . Lonnie Liston Smith . i:Cube - Nuees Ardentes (from Muting The Noise) . Coppe - Laverder Oil - Plaid remix . Ame -Doldrums (from Muting The Noise) . Nickodemus - Endangered Species Dj Dulo - All Things . Nickodemus - Global Village Thievery Corp . Slowman - Red Bug . J Dilla - We must be in love . Innerzone Orchestra - People make the world go round . Boozoo Bajou - Grains . Christian Zimmerman - Diary of a Lost Girl (World of Apples remix)


Introducing Space Invader Radio if you haven't been Introduced already.

Out of the ashes of the Notorious and now sadly deceased "Eat the Beat" record shop comes Space Invader Radio. All those great taste pickers from yesteryear are back all in one place and on the wireless. With shows ranging from "Disco not Disco" hosted by James Small & Paul Walker, bringing you Disco from the old & rare to the here and now with some top Edit action thrown in for good measure.

Guinness brings you "Sabotage" all things Bass & Beat heavy getting featured here. Matt the Good &  Rob Nuck bring you "Speakerbox" and good old Jon Very & Barry Guffy delight us with "The Carriage Clock".

Hoop does the sunday slot with aptly named "Wireless". If you're passing thru web space and need some company, give these boys little radio show a listen. You might like what you Ear. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

DOMU MIX (link)

Well what can I say, an exclusive little mix weighing in at a tasty 49 minutes and it's the shizznits from the mighty DOMU.

Dominic Stanton, Producer/DJ/Space Pirate and all round good guy is responsible for some of the most forward thinking dance music made over the last years. Always consistant, never boring and always quality Domu has brought us pleasure with projects as SONAR CIRCLE, UMOD, BAKURA, RIMAYOKOTO and latest project DOMU presents PETE SIMPSON to name but a few. 

As well as forging his unique style and sound with his production, Domu also carries that through with his DJing. A proper DJ's DJ, DOMU is the bee's knees. Hey but don't just take my word for it, download this mix and hear it for yourself.

Domu occasionally hosts the Benji B show on 1xtra so check it next time he's on.

You can also keep a check on what Domu's up too via his website and label TrebleO. Check it for new releases, up and coming Gigs, If he plays near you, go and check him. He don't dissappoint! 

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lulu Rouge / Pilooski mix (link)

Pilooski's remix of "Bless you" by Lulu Rouge. Lulu Rouge are Copenhagen's DJ T.O.M & Buda. Comparisons range from a Radiohead with Laptops, Lulu Rouge get the Pilooski treatment here to great effect.

Courtesy of RCRD LBL.

Friday, 16 January 2009

The Glooming (link)

Welcome to The Glooming..... 

Commercial R&B and Hip-Hop accapella's given "the gloom" 

Partial or total darkness; dimness: switched on a table lamp to banish the gloom of a winter afternoon.
A partially or totally dark place, area, or location.
An atmosphere of melancholy or depression: Gloom pervaded the office.
A state of melancholy or depression; despondency.

v. gloomed, gloom·ing, glooms
v. intr.
To be or become dark, shaded, or obscure.
To feel, appear, or act despondent, sad, or mournful.
v. tr.
To make dark, shaded, or obscure.
Archaic To make despondent; sadden.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ralf & Florian.

It's Ralf and Florian, the early inception of the mighty Kraftwerk. filmed in the early 70's, this is fantastic footage well worth a posting. Kling Klang.....